Dedicated Advisers

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the coordination and management of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington. The Board governs, advises and oversees the Club through policy and assisting with leadership development. This includes managing finances, advising executive staff, developing strategic plans and assisting with Club fundraising activities. Every board member is on at least one committee and makes personal contributions of time, money, work and consulting in their specialty area.


Our Valuable Team Members

<strong>President</strong>: Andrew Bunger-<em> Indiana University Maurer School of Law</em>
President: Andrew Bunger- Indiana University Maurer School of Law
<strong>Vice President</strong>: Steve Holbrook<em><em><em> -<em>The Eye Center</em></em></em></em>
Vice President: Steve Holbrook -The Eye Center
<strong>Secretary</strong>: Jonathan Yates - <em>Liell & McNeil Attorneys, PC</em>
Secretary: Jonathan Yates - Liell & McNeil Attorneys, PC
<strong>Treasurer</strong>: Tim Risen
Treasurer: Tim Risen
Glenn Harris -<em> Harris Services</em>
Glenn Harris - Harris Services
Jack Hunt<em> -<em> Cook</em></em>
Jack Hunt - Cook
James Stogdill - <em>Cook</em>
James Stogdill - Cook
Jeni Donlon -<em> Indiana University Kelley School of Business</em>
Jeni Donlon - Indiana University Kelley School of Business
Kate DeWeese<em> - <em>Bunger & Robertson</em></em>
Kate DeWeese - Bunger & Robertson
Lance Eberle<em><em> - <em>First Insurance Group</em></em></em>
Lance Eberle - First Insurance Group
Brian Thompson - <em>F.C. Tucker</em>
Brian Thompson - F.C. Tucker
Wes Erwin<em><em><em><em> - <em>Indiana University Career Services</em></em></em></em></em>
Wes Erwin - Indiana University Career Services
Betty Davidson<em> <em>- retired</em></em>
Betty Davidson - retired
Bob Cummins<em> <em>- retired</em></em>
Bob Cummins - retired
Jill Kovach
Jill Kovach
Jen Gions
Jen Gions
Michael Fox
Michael Fox
Denny Smith
Denny Smith