HFI hosts Ellettsville Boys & Girls Club

June 8, 2016 | Bloomington Herald-Times

HFI Mechanical and Building Solutions recently hosted several members from the Ellettsville Boys & Girls Club.

This field trip was one of many career exploration components offered through its Indiana Kids program, a year-long education program focused on increasing reading and math scores, combined with a career exploration and community service components. The children in attendance were in first through seventh grade.

5757bef798748.imageThe Ellettsville Boys & Girls Club strongly believes in the importance of providing their members with different kinds of career possibilities. “It’s an important step in helping children find their talents, skills and passions,” said Oscar Gonzalez, BGC unit director.

The children visiting the HFI campus were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the three HFI buildings where they were able to experience multiple facets of HFI, including construction, industrial, IT, service, virtual construction and the fabrication shop.

HFI is a mechanical contracting and service firm specializing in the construction, industrial, health care, commercial, food service equipment, residential, and energy industries.

The children learned there are multiple levels of employment opportunities in the mechanical industry, from engineering of entire heating, cooling and piping systems for a large commercial or industrial facility like Indiana University all the way to a heating and cooling system for a house.

The children were amazed to see that HFI stores multiple sizes of piping, equipment and parts for its projects.

They had many questions about the different types of piping, the large pieces of equipment and how it all works together. A demonstration of the 3-D construction technology being utilized on one of HFI’s Indiana University projects helped them to see how it all fits together and how the HFI team coordinates with the other trades on a project.

The kids’ favorite part was an extensive tour of the “fab” shop where HFI welders and pipefitters create specialty pieces and systems for clients. Because HFI values the safety of all its employees and clients, the participants were give a brief safety training and given safety glasses while touring. They were required to wear them while in areas of the shop during the demonstration and while participating in the “hands-on portion” of the tour, where the kids were given the opportunity to do their own pipefitting.

Some of the children enjoyed it so much that they showed a genuine interest in this future career field. “It would be really cool to work here,” said Myah Thomas, a fourth grader.

Their field trip ended with a lunch provided by Buffa Louie’s.

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