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The partnership betweenI ndiana and Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington has provided incredible benefits to all students involved in the program.  During the first years of the partnership, participants in the “Indiana Kids” program have increased their scores in both math and reading.

“Indiana Kids” focuses on homework help and tutoring.  The program provides Club members with the support, resources, and guidance necessary to complete their homework – and start the school day with a sense of confidence and ability.

Daniels has provided the “Indiana Kids” program in Boys & Girls Clubs across the state with $1 million in federal money to help increase enrollment in educational programs.  The goal is to enroll 5,000 youth statewide in the program.  TANF eligible children ages 5-14 are the focus of “Indiana Kids”.

Indiana has also implemented another aspect to the program, requiring students to learn about possible careers.

Results of the program show how well it is working:

  • 92% of participants feel the program helps them do better in school
  • 92% of participants have learned about different kinds of jobs
  • 82% of parents have seen improvement in their child’s grades in school